The Smile System Cabinet Leveling System: Benefits in Cabinet Installation

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The Smile System by Camar, available at Peter Meier, stands out as an innovative solution for leveling cabinets efficiently and accurately. This guide will explore the features and benefits of the Smile Cabinet Leveling System, providing insights into how it can revolutionize your installation process. Whether you’re an experienced installer or a DIY enthusiast, mastering the Smile System will elevate the quality and ease of your cabinetry projects.

The Limitations of Using Shims as Levelers

Stack of wooden shims

Shims have been around and gotten the job done forever. However, this traditional method is not without its drawbacks. From the initial installation challenges to long-term stability and aesthetic issues, the limitations of using shims are varied and significant.

These challenges range from the practical and technical aspects of installation to considerations of durability and visual appeal. Let’s explore the key drawbacks of using shims in cabinet installation, highlighting why this method may not always be the best choice for achieving the perfect finish in your cabinetry projects.

Time-Consuming Adjustments: Shimming requires a lot of trial and error. You often have to insert, adjust, or replace shims multiple times to get the cabinet level. This can be especially tedious in cases where walls and floors are significantly uneven.

Reduced Precision: Achieving the exact level with shims can be challenging. While they can get the job relatively close, the level of precision is often not as high as with specialized leveling systems. This can be particularly noticeable in larger installations or where multiple cabinets need to line up perfectly.

Potential for Movement Over Time: Shims, especially those made of wood, can compress or shift over time under the weight of heavy countertops or due to changes in humidity. This can lead to cabinets becoming unlevel again, potentially affecting their functionality and appearance.

Increased Physical Effort: Using shims often requires holding the cabinet in place with one hand while adjusting the shims with the other, which can be physically demanding, especially for larger cabinets or long installation sessions.

Risk of Damage: Improperly placed or over-tightened shims can damage the cabinet’s base or the wall, especially if excessive force is used. This is a risk particularly with softer materials or thinner cabinet walls.

Inconsistency: The effectiveness of shimming can vary greatly depending on the skill of the installer. It’s often more of an art than a science, which can lead to inconsistent results, especially for less experienced installers.

Material Limitations: While wood shims are common, they may not be suitable for all environments. In areas with high humidity or the potential for water exposure, like bathrooms, wood shims can swell, warp, or rot.

Limited Adjustability Post-Installation: Once the cabinets are installed and fixed in place, making further adjustments with shims can be very difficult without removing or partially dismantling the cabinetry.

The Advantages of the Smile Cabinet Leveling System

The Smile System represents a significant advancement in the field of cabinet installation, addressing many of the traditional challenges faced by installers and DIY enthusiasts alike. This innovative leveling system offers a range of benefits that streamline the installation process in the following ways.

Precision in Leveling: The Smile System’s design allows for micro-adjustments which are crucial in achieving a perfectly level surface. In addition, these adjustments can be made using the Smile System Extension Tool to access the levelers farthest away from the installer near the walls. This precision is especially beneficial in older homes where floors and walls may not be entirely straight or even.

Time Efficiency: Traditional shimming methods can be time-consuming, often requiring multiple adjustments. The Smile System simplifies and speeds up this process significantly. Since the  straightforward adjustment mechanism is pre-adjusted at the factory to a neutral height, you can achieve a level position much faster, which is a huge time-saver, especially on larger projects.

Ease of Use: The intuitive design of the Smile System makes it user-friendly, even for those who might be new to cabinet installation.

Durability and Stability: Once adjusted, the Smile System’s levelers remain in place, providing long-term stability and durability. This design and construction of each leveler ensures that the cabinets remain level over time, even under the weight of heavy countertops or constant use.

Versatility: The system is adaptable to various base cabinet styles and sizes, making it a versatile tool in the installer’s kit. Whether you’re working with kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, or even heavier built-in units like garage cabinets, the Smile System can handle it.

Reduced Labor Intensity: Traditional methods often require a lot of manual labor, including lifting and holding cabinets in place while adjustments are made. When using the Smile System Extension Tool the Smile System often removes the need for the installer to lay flat on the floor  and reduces the physical effort required, making the installation process less strenuous saving you miles on your body!

Improved Aesthetics: A perfectly level cabinet installation enhances the overall look of a space. The Smile System helps achieve this with minimal effort, ensuring that doors and drawers align properly and function smoothly, which is crucial in high-end or visually focused installations.

Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Run: While the initial investment in the Smile System might be higher than the cost of shimming materials, the time saved during installation and the reduction in call-backs due to leveling issues make it cost-effective over time.

Minimized Damage Risk: With traditional shimming, there’s always a risk of damaging the cabinet or the wall during the leveling process. When pre-installing the ABS Plastic sockets on a kitchen cabinet, they can be used as glides to slide the cabinet, then the installer can attach the smile system leveler to each socket for adjustments.

Protection From Water Damage: Because they’re made of rugged ABS Plastic the Smile System cabinet levelers will never rust or stain floors and never expand or warp due to prolonged exposure to moisture. In addition, the levelers will also keep the cabinet raised from direct contact with floors, preventing water damage and wicking of moisture through traditional shims.

Take a Look at The Smile System in Action

Sometimes it’s easier to make a tool or hardware purchase by watching a video. See the Smile System in action in the video below.

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