Meeting PODS, a Revolutionary Working Environment

PMI is proud to be a fully authorized distributor of Silence Business Solutions (SBS) products all across America. Headquartered in Paris, SBS is a leader in the industry of high-quality acoustic meeting pods for the workplace, each one specially designed to improve employee performance and enhance well-being. Since 2014, SBS has been a forerunner in pod design and manufacture, always improving and adapting to the ever-changing workplace environment. SBS creates a wide variety of acoustic pods from manufacturing locations in Portugal and Paris.

The Procyon line reflects all that stands out about SBS brand.

A silhouette of a person sitting at a MEETING POD with a light bulb.

Research office innovation expert in acoustics

A factory with meeting pods and smoke coming out of it.

100% ethical manufacturing 2 year warranty

A black circle with a check mark in it, representing the completion of tasks in meeting pods.

Permanent Quality Control

A black and white icon of a pair of scissors on a meeting pod.


A black and white icon of a delivery truck with meeting pods.

Fast Delivery

A compact meeting pod with a seat inside.

Why the Procyon line?

  • Beautifully designed to enhance the workplace layout
  • Professionally constructed to maintain silence and create privacy
  • Detailed attention toward function combined with comfort
  • Equipped with a revolutionary air filtration system
  • Mounted on sturdy wheels for mobility and flexibility
  • A wide range of attractive colors and fabrics to choose from
  • Designed to inspire performance and enhance well being
  • Simple and quick installation for immediate use
  • A quality pod creation for every situation

Whether for sitting down or standing up, Procyon pods stand apart from the rest. We at PMI would like to prove it by inviting you to our showroom in Kernersville, NC. Visit us by appointment to see and experience the Procyon Acoustic Pod for yourself. Just click here to set it up.

A Variety of Designs and Styles

Browse through the wide range of Procyon acoustic meeting pod design configurations and color/fabric choices. Choose from two pod types: the Individual Range for single use when needing quiet work time or to make private phone calls, or the Collaborative Range for two or more people to meet and talk privately.
Within the Individual Range you’ll find the Stand Up, Seat Box and Uno. The Collaborative Range features the Duo, Quatro, Sixo and Procyon Mobility. Each design serves its own special purpose and answers a variety of needs found in every workplace. Below are the colors and fabrics from which to customize your pods to match your office decor or to simply suit your individual preferences.