New Product Release: PronToe™ Table Leveler


At PMI we strive to achieve excellence in everything we do; with this in mind, we are spending many months, and sometimes years, developing new products to better serve our industry. Passion, dedication, excitement, hard work and a bit of frustration at times, makes it all worth it when we see the finished product; what once was a concept, is now a reality that we can share and deliver to our customers.


The PronToe™ table leveler is the NEW and exciting addition to our table base program. PronToe™ is designed, manufactured and patented by Peter Meier, Inc. PronToe™ offers features that are both sophisticated and efficient in embracing table alignment capabilities on any imbalanced surface. The product is manufactured out of a high-impact thermoplastic with an over-mold stainless steel insert, with a 7/16” adjustment range that can easily be altered by foot.


The unique design of the black anodized steel bolt allows the installer to tighten the assembly into the cross-base plate so that while freely adjusting PronToe™, the leveler won’t come loose or fall out of the table base.


We truly believe it is the BEST table leveler in the market and we can’t wait for you to use it!


By: Marta Nova
June 8, 2020