Marta Nova

PMI’s team is a tight-knit group committed to delivering excellent customer service. Therefore, it was a natural fit for Karl Kothmaier’s partner, Marta Nova, to lead marketing and sales support for the business. In this role, Marta will manage CRM systems and customer email communications.

Marta began in the kitchen and bath hardware industry in 1998, coordinating sales and marketing events. She is excited to return to the industry, having managed tradeshows in the fire safety and equipment rental markets since 2013.

A native to Colombia, Marta’s passion for customer service can be traced to the compassion, work ethic, and humility her parents instilled from an early age. In addition to the U.S. and Colombia, Marta’s lived in the United Kingdom and visited more than 20 countries.

Marta is multilingual, speaking Spanish and English fluently. She also speaks some German, although how much remains a mystery to Karl.

Marta maintains that her only vice is her addiction to Orangetheory Fitness. When she’s not working out, she enjoys traveling the world with Karl, dancing, and tending her impressive garden.