Why choose 3D Adjustable Invisible Hinges?


CEAM Amadeo S.p.A is the expert in 3D hinges since 1962 and a manufacturing partner of Peter Meier Inc. that specializes in the production of concealed hinges particularly suitable for cabinetry, a wide range of doors and furniture. For over 5 years, CEAM has been delivering quality in concealed and 3D adjustable invisible hinges, showcasing a European design with an adaptation for the American market.


The CEAM 3D adjustable invisible hinges feature a minimalistic design, making it a key feature amongst millworks, door manufacturers and recently, DIYers.
We offer routing fixtures and templates to facilitate the job for easy application. The suggested routing bits and bushings are shown on the Routing Fixture product page.


Versatile options for 3D hinges:

  • Load Rating: For interior and cabinet doors; nautical applications with a variety of load ratings for different types of projects.
  • Finishes/Material: (6) different finishes available in steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy and brass, stocked and shipped from North Carolina warehouse.
  • Minimalist: “Best in Class” Symmetrical design allows full 180° range of motion with possible installations on wooden, aluminum or steel profile with a minimum jamb width from 15mm to 29mm.
  • 3D Adjustable: Height, width, and depth adjustments on the hinge for easy application and installation.
  • Reliable: Safe, solid, and fire-resistant with minimum testing of 200,000 cycles.


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By: Rodrick Gonzalez
July 22, 2021