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Have you ever felt exhausted at work? Were there times when your eyes started to droop and you felt like you couldn’t fight it? Let’s talk about it for a minute. At the height of economic growth in the 20th and 21st centuries, workers and business people were conditioned to ‘work hard’. Thus, the notion of time-in and time-out clicks from work dominated on a global scale. Regular employees come in at work, do all things needed, and take off from work when the day is done. Overtimes have become a common phenomenon, resulting in increased health issues and lost revenues. But this has gradually changed with the emergence of nap rooms and sleeping pods.


Nap or sleep pods have been used or installed in some famous and thriving businesses and companies like Google, Cisco, Facebook, Uber, and some more. Studies show that a short nap of no more than 30 minutes allows the body to recharge and refocus. Companies who have considered this situation have found great results through installing sleep pods. Does your company have this amazing innovation? It’s fantastic if you have, but if you haven’t, then you should seriously reconsider because there’s so much more to napping pods than what you see.

Why Is Taking a Nap at Work Beneficial?

It’s a common misconception that catching someone napping at work is a sign of laziness or being unproductive. While this may be true for some employees, it is still a sweeping generalization. It is not uncommon for some employees, particularly mothers and single parents, to arrive at work exhausted. They get up very early to prepare breakfast, get the kids ready for the day, pack things, do a few rounds around the house, drop the kids off at school, and then go to work.


After a long day of work, they return home, do chores, and sometimes go to bed late. Their energy has been drained before it can be replenished. Restlessness and sleepiness affect overall work productivity. According to the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 38% of Americans have low energy or sleep problems. Their performance at work suffers as a result of their lack of sleep. So, here’s why taking a nap at work is essential.

1. Keeps the Brain Sharp

Our entire body is a living machine, with our brain serving as its control center. Our brain, like any machine, has a maximum capacity for functions and productivity. Many workplace accidents or mishaps occur as a result of drowsiness or a lack of energy. Napping for 20-30 minutes refreshes your brain and improves alertness and performance at work. According to HealthHub and The National Sleep Foundation, napping improves concentration, lifts the mood, and allows the brain to retain more information.

2. Makes You More Productive

Lack of sleep reduces productivity, and that is a non-arguable fact. According to a 2016 study, employee unproductivity due to lack of sleep costs the United States $411,000,000,000 per year. Slacking off due to exhaustion or drowsiness has cost this much, so better take that power nap now. Taking a short nap improves an individual’s attention and energy. This allows for more tasks to be completed in a shorter period of time than working while sleepy.

3. Increased Creativity

As market conditions become more complex and advanced, companies are increasingly in need of innovative and creative approaches. Hence, mediocre and compliant performance is no longer enough. When a person is overworked or sleep deprived, there is less room for the mind to develop ideas. Lying in an office sleep pod for a short period of time improves cognitive function and creativity.

4. Clarity

Have you ever tried reading a 500-word article while yawning? It’s way harder to grasp everything than it is to read through an entire chapter after a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep affects your overall perceptions of things. A simple draft review becomes overly complicated, or coffee becomes overly sweet. A power nap can help you clear your mind!

5. Better judgments

Surprisingly, there are times when we make decisions that we don’t fully understand. Do you ever wonder why you get confused while handling someone else’s task? Or why do you get so worked up over trivial matters? Studies show that a lack of rest or overwork leads to shorter tempers or clouded reasoning. A nap is therefore essential.

What are Sleep Pods for?

Sleeping or nap pods are a great way for employees to recharge. Nap pods are pieces of furniture that provide a quiet and comfortable space for napping. They’re also known as sleep pods or nap capsules, and they’re mostly used in the workplace, hospitals, and even universities. Though nap rooms have been slowly adopted in the business world, they however require a lot of space and a separate area. So, this is not a viable option for offices and business establishments with limited space.


Most of these office sleep pods are of two types. The ergonomic C-shaped lounger has a dome covering the head portion for privacy. It is more relaxing than a standard recliner and is sometimes paired with eye covers and headsets. The second design, which is more akin to Japan’s capsule hotels, is an individual bed-sized compartment. These are now infused with features that allow an individual to take a good nap, thanks to advances in technology.


Is napping or resting in your own cubicle or desk not enough? One can try, but sleeping pods are way better! There are four major reasons why nap pods are much better than resting at your desk:


A low-light atmosphere: Even napping requires a dimly lit or slightly lighted surrounding. Bright lights, or exposure to them, alter our circadian rhythms and our body’s able to discern tiredness. This is one of the reasons why most people have trouble falling asleep with the lights on. Office sleep pods provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for employees.


Ergonomic Support: Sleeping or napping in your chair or leaning over your desk can cause body pains. Nap pods allow you to stretch your body and regain your posture.


Better Wake-up Alarm: Setting an alarm for 20-30 minutes while resting in your cubicle may disturb your coworkers. Sleep pods have a silent alarm system that allows you to wake up from a power nap without disrupting your coworkers’ focus.
Relaxing Sounds: Some people relax through listening to soothing music or sound. It allows the mind to relax from the pressures of complex tasks or mind-boggling problems. With a comfortable and private space provided by sleep pods, one can listen to a podcast or a song.

Areas Where Sleep Pods are Great to Have

A day’s hustle and hard work are nothing new, and many people find it difficult to simply take a break. According to studies, a lack of sleep has negative effects on health, and napping actually helps the body recover from them. Nowadays, most communities are active 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and sleep deprivation has only recently become a common phenomenon. Hence, rest is now considered a luxury. Amazingly, creative designers were able to bring solutions to the table in the form of naps or sleep pods. There are areas or places where sleep pods are great to have.


UNIVERSITIES: Who had an easy time in college? Most likely for a few, but we all know how demanding and exhausting some periods of university life can be. There are students who had only an hour of sleep before coming to an exam or class. Nap pods are definitely a haven for these tired, hardworking young adults. Sleep pods will give students time to relax and recharge before an exam or class.


AIRPORTS: Not everyone can make it to their flight on time or meet someone at the airport. Some people arrive too early for an appointment or are subjected to minor delays. With too many unforeseen circumstances, napping is one of the best ways to deal with them. Resting for a while can help passengers get ready before a flight or refresh for an appointment.


HOSPITALS: There are countless instances where people rush to the hospital and doze off while waiting for the doctor’s words. Worry, anxiety, and anguish can cause mental and physical exhaustion. It must be great for these medical institutions to have sleeping pods for individuals who came running to the hospital without a good rest. While they wait for the results, they can get a good nap and clear their minds.


OFFICES: Companies can boost productivity by placing office sleep pods. As previously stated, this will help employees perform better while also caring for their well-being. It helps business owners and employers in creating a more comfortable working environment for their employees.

Do Sleep Pods in the Workplace Really Help?

Do office sleep pods actually help? Definitely yes! Shifting the view towards napping or resting at work took a while coming from the culture of ‘hard work’. As famous and successful companies like Google and Facebook adapted nap pods at work, their productivity has increased and even gained more. An article on Forbes explains why napping at work is important and how sleep pods maximize this. Indeed, a short rest in the office sleep pod is the true definition of ‘power nap’.


Nap is even better than coffee. Most companies install free coffee machines or coffee makers, but not provide sleep pods. This is because we develop the habit of curbing sleepiness with a dose of caffeine. According to a 2008 study, a nap improves verbal memory, motor skills, and continuous learning more than caffeine. That is why installing nap pods is a more financially viable strategy than installing coffee machines.


Large corporations have now recognized how the lack of sleep affects performance and productivity. It becomes an image issue in the business world, and some employees even suffer from health issues as a result. If you come to think of it, the annual loss is far greater than the cost of providing areas or spaces for employees to nap. By implementing office sleep pods, companies can deal with issues such as productivity losses, absences from work, increased risk of errors and accidents, higher health care costs, and financial loss. In other words, nap pods have become highly significant in terms of improving workplace results.

Where to Get the Best Sleep Pods

Office sleep pods emerge as a result of amazing innovations, allowing businesses to provide a better work culture to their employees. Nap pods not only improve employee satisfaction, but also increase profit and productivity. Peter Meier Inc. believes that every company and its employees are entitled to the best work environment and culture possible. With an innovative and creative team, they are able to produce Procyon Dream Box. This incredible piece is a personal quiet space specially designed for power naps. Its features and inclusions significantly improve working performance.


Procyon is the largest generation of shared acoustics, with an excellent sound installation of 38 dBA. This dream box has a compact minimal floor surface that will fit in with any office space. It is highly mobile due to the installed wheels, making installation even easier. Procyon Dream Box is available in three exterior colors: wood, white, and black. A 20-minute nap makes a lot of difference in reducing stress, increasing creativity and concentration, and improving health. Boost your health and productivity with Peter Meier Inc!


If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, call 1-800-222-6941. And see our full lineup of meeting pods on our website.

Final Thoughts

For years, napping or resting at work has been associated with a negative connotation. It was always marked as a red flag for any employee or worker who was caught up in that scenario. Before the discovery of the effects of naps at work, workers always perceived hard work differently. It has become a trend for highly successful business people to advertise and brag about how little rest they get.


As a result, many people believe that working nonstop and staying late at work is a sign of diligence. Rest is a necessity that was previously considered an option or a luxury. But the truth is, everyone needs some downtime, especially the most hardworking ones. This rest period is needed to recover from exhaustion. So take advantage of the numerous benefits that sleep pods can provide for your company. This is an investment that will surely pay off in the long run.