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PMI: CEAM Invisible 3D Hinges

CEAM Amadeo S.p.A. has been in business for over 55 years and has had a great success with their S.T.A.R (System with Three Independent Adjustable Axes) Concealed Door Hinges in Europe. These are now available to order from our North Carolina warehouse.

The Concealed hinge is applicable for frameless door entryways, which will give any house or business a clean and modern look.

We realize that each door is different and unique, so we offer a wide variety of colors and load capacities to fit your needs. We also care about your safety and CEAM has performed rigorous mechanical and safety tests to provide an outstanding fireproof rating, along with a smooth and reliable 180� opening and closing that is easy to install.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. We are here to help!

Deurowood Post LIGNA Update

The recent LIGNA 2013 international fair was a great success and brought lots of traffic to our Deurowood booth. Visitors came from all over the world, such as Europe, South America, Asia, Australia, etc.. The 5 day show was interesting and kept us very busy talking with current and potential customers. Our new products were well received by the crowd, with high interest on our micro-scratch resistance solutions.

Trial Runs are offered. For more information, please call our exclusive North American representative: Peter Meier, Inc. Toll Free at (800)222-6941

[ For more details click here ]

PMI the Exclusive North American Representative for Deurowood

Peter Meier, Inc. (PMI) announced that they are now the North American representative and partner for new developments of Deurowood Produktions GmbH, a leading supplier of innovative products and additives for paper impregnation. For many years, the international wood and laminate industries have referred to Deurowood products when there is a need for optimization, correction or improvement with impregnation. Over 30,000,000,000 sq.ft. of impregnated paper are produced world-wide with Deurowood additives each year. Deurowood additives for paper impregnation improve not only the quality, but also positively influence the handling and processing performance.

Trial Runs are offered. For more information, please give PMI a call at 1-800-222-6941. 1255

PRESS RELEASE: PMI Wins Three Prestigious International Design Awards

Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) has been awarded three Award for Design Excellence for 2008 [ADEX] from Design Journal magazine. The ADEX Awards are the largest and most prestigious awards program for the home, office, hospitality furnishings and building materials marketplace where entries judged on five criteria: innovation, quality, technological advancement, aesthetics and value.

Peter Meier Inc. is proud to be recognized as a leader in the industry with its innovative product line-up, and focus on continued growth and attention to details in the kitchen, bath closet, home, and office furnishings segment. These awards reflect the goals of quality design, innovation, and attention to detail that PMI is known for.

Gold ADEX 2008 Winner: The Corner Cutting Board fits perfectly in kitchen corners providing extra workspace. A fastening clip on the bottom secures the board to the countertop and can be removed for cleaning and stowing away when not in use.

Silver ADEX 2008 Winner: Pull-Out Waste Bin with Lid Offering quality solutions for waste storage, with units are constructed of highest quality materials, and are easy to install, being a practical solution in modern cabinetry.

Silver ADEX 2008 Winner: Supreme Blind Corner Unit Featuring precision German engineered self-close and soft close under mount sliding mechanism, chrome plated rails and premium solid wood bottoms maximizing the available space in a blind corner.

PRESS RELEASE: PMI Announces Improvements on VASA Supra Precisions Ball Bearing Slides

Peter Meier, Inc. (PMI) is pleased to announce that our VASA Supra Precisions Ball Bearing Side has been improved and expanded upon. The slides are now priced to be increasingly competitive on the marketplace.

This product lineup is also offered in more sizes, from 12� to 24�, to fit a wider range of applications. These slides also feature a 1� over travel.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Closed Cover Cap

PMI introduces a new closed cover cap designed for use with our popular cabinet suspension bracket. The cap is closed on top and conceals the bracket from view.

It can be used at the top of the cabinet, but is also great for heavy-duty cabinetry and shelving that require additional hangers.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: 1mm Closet Rod

PMI introduces new 1mm closet rods. The 1mm thickness makes these closet rods perfect for high-end closets. The seamless, oval tube is made of steel and is chrome plated.

The rods are individually wrapped, packed 10 to a box, and can be shipped by UPS.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Glass Shelf Support

Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) introduces an attractive new shelf support designed especially for use with glass shelves. The support is made primarily of zinc, but the top portion is a soft material that provides a slip-resistant surface.

This new shelf support looks great with glass shelving, but the anti-slip feature makes it an excellent choice for other types of shelves as well.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Brass Miki Garment Hangers

Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) introduces its popular Miki Hangers in a brass finish. The Miki Hanger is available in both pull-out and revolving versions. The pull-out hanger extends 1 �� from the shelf. The 3� revolving hanger rotates a full 360� so it can be moved underneath the shelf when not in use.

These stylish hangers are great for holding a special item of clothing or the next day�s outfit. And the brass finish is a beautiful complement to dark wood closets. Miki is also available in a satin nickel finish for more contemporary closets.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Contemporary Garment Lift

Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) introduces a new Contemporary Garment Lift. A modern silver finish makes this handy accessory a great-looking addition to closets. And with a 35�-long pull rod, our garment lift is every bit as functional as it is attractive.

Because of its extra-long pull rod, this garment lift works great for closets with high ceilings as well as low closets for wheelchair accessibility. The new contemporary garment lift is available in two sizes, both of which feature a standard 32mm hole pattern.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Foldable Cabinet Leveler

Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) introduces a new Foldable Cabinet Leveler. This socket and leveler combination screws to the cabinet bottom before the cabinet is installed. The cabinet is then transported to the job site, and the leveler simply unfolds and locks into place with one simple motion � no tools required.

The 3� adjustment range makes this leveler useful for both kitchen and vanity applications.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Conny Tabletop Connector

Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) introduces the new Conny Tabletop Connector, a unique piece of hardware for adjoining tabletops to create larger, more useful workspaces.

Simply screw the two identical components to the underside of the tabletops, then twist and lock them into place. The connector remains hidden beneath the tabletops and can be used to create multiple configurations.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: "Bent" Table Legs

Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) introduces new �bent� table legs in three shapes: Trim, S-Shape, and Z-Shape. These metal table legs add a unique style to tabletops and work surfaces.

Each leg has a �� adjustable foot and is 2� in diameter. Available in four finishes in standard table height.

[ For more details click here ]


Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) introduces new steel table bases in three styles: x-leg, t-leg, and round. Each durable table base comes in a black gloss finish and can be used in a variety of applications.

For added flexibility, folding table bases and bases with casters are included in the product line.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Easy Toe Kick Clip

Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) introduces the new Easy Toe Kick Clip from Camar. This tempered metal clip provides a quick, simple solution for mounting toe kick boards to cabinets. No tools are needed for installation; Easy simply clips onto the toe kick board and holds the board firmly in place.

The Easy Toe Kick Clip fits board thicknesses of �� to �� and can fill up to a �� gap between the toe kick board and bottom of cabinet.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Face Frame Cabinet Leveler

PMI introduces a new socket and leveler combination designed especially for face frame cabinets. This leveler is great for lifting cabinets in the garage or closet off

the floor to prevent water damage and allow for cleaning under the cabinets. The socket/leveler combination is made of black ABS plastic and comes in three heights.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Kaiman Shelf Support

PMI introduces the new Kaiman Shelf Support from Vasa. This contemporary shelf support is made of aluminum and adjusts to

accommodate shelf thicknesses of 7mm to 41mm (1/4" to 1-5/8"). Maximum weight capacity is 55 lbs. for a 320mm (12-5/8") shelf.

[ For more details click here ]


Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) has launched a new and improved website. The new enhancements make it easier to navigate and online ordering is a breeze. Some of the new features include:

� Quick product search
� Sales rep locator
� Company news
� Product literature
� Easy user registration
� Online ordering
� Order history

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Miki Dress Hangers

Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) is pleased to introduce Miki Dress Hangers by Vasa. These are perfect for organizing or just adding a sleek convenience feature to a closet.

The Miki Dress Hangers are available in two styles: pull-out and revolving. These high-quality hangers are made of steel and are nickel-plated.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Cabinet Suspension Bracket

Peter Meier Inc. (PMI) is pleased to introduce the new Cabinet Suspension Bracket; an all metal constructed bracket providing 290 lbs. (per pair) of load carrying capacity per cabinet. The bracket has a height adjustment range of 14mm and a depth adjustment range of 11mm. The bracket is suitable for use with steel rails (recommended),

hooks and wooden rails and provides cross slotted adjustment screws permitting easy access. The PMI Cabinet Suspension Bracket can be attached with countersunk Euro screws, 4mm Spax screws or prefitted 10mm dowels. Kit includes cover caps in white, beige or brown that can be fitted over the housing without the use of tools.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Flex Wire Management

Peter Meier, Inc. (PMI) is pleased to introduce the new Flex Wire Management Kit, available for both vertical and horizontal applications, as the perfect solution to disorganized wires and cables under your desk. The vertical kit features flexible height adjustment

from 10� to 60�, and can be mounted to the floor and underside of desk. The horizontal kit includes a 45�-long rail, three 2-5/8� rails, a Flex adapter, and 12 cable clips.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Click Foldable Table Leg

Peter Meier, Inc. (PMI) is pleased to introduce the Click Foldable Table Leg. This product combines elegance and innovation. One easy push per leg enables you to fold an entire table within seconds. Work surfaces can be erected in the garage for weekend projects and then easily and quickly folded away again.

Schools, churches and activity centers can utilize tables for functions and store them afterwards easily. Available in three finishes, aluminum, polished chrome and flat black.

[ For more details click here ]

PRESS RELEASE: Tie & Belt Racks and Garment Lift

Peter Meier, Inc. (PMI) is pleased to offer solutions to your closets needs which offer both style and functionality. PMI�s tie and belt racks, as well as their garment lift, allow you to organize your closet in a way that optimizes space and places clothing at your fingertips.

The tie and belt racks are available with 20 or 24 slots, or with seven slots and a storage area. The garment lift has a width of 29 inches to 45 inches and has a weight capacity of 0 pounds.

[ For more details click here ]

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