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Karl Kothmaier
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cabinet hardware, table legs, kitchen storage,  closet hardware
Job Title: National Accounts Manager
Phone: 336-564-2041
Fax: 336-996-1812

Born and educated in Austria, Karl learned the basics of the furniture business from studying cabinet making in school and working for Reiter & Steiner Company, one of the largest custom furniture makers in Austria.

Karl achieved many successes as a sales manager in the Austrian market. Anxious to challenge a larger market, Karl came to America, not speaking more than a few words of English. Yet within two years he was able not only to master English but to bring a host of new clients to PMI through his knowledge of the business and ability to satisfy the customer's desires.

Karl loves to work out, travel and meet beautiful women. He is a person who works hard and plays hard too. For him America is really a land of unlimited possibilities.

cabinet hardware, table legs, kitchen storage,  closet hardware
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