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About Us
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History of PMI
cabinet hardware, table legs, kitchen storage, closet hardware
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The Early Years

  • 1986: PMI is founded in Kernersville, NC by Peter Meier, former president of Grass America.

  • 1987: PMI�starts importing Italian table legs from Camar, the world's foremost producer of leveling systems (table legs, cabinet and furniture levelers, and cabinet hanging systems).

  • 1989: Seeing the need to supply additional products to the kitchen cabinet industry, PMI begins importing lazy susans from Austria. The European lazy susans are "Americanized" and a new pin system and superior product are introduced to the U.S. market. The lazy susans are soon registered under the Lazy Daisy trademark, and PMI holds a number of lazy susan patents.

The 1990s

PMI diligently lays the groundwork for further growth. Longstanding relationships with customers and vendors are built and solidified, and PMI gains a reputation for excellent service, quality products, and reliability.

  • 1991: The cabinet industry continues to grow, and PMI introduces Fennel decorative hardware from Germany to the U.S. market. Fennel is the leading supplier to the contemporary furniture industry in Europe.

  • 1992: Continuing to diversify its product line, PMI introduces a line of rigid thermofoils from Benecke-Kaliko, also a German company and inventor of rigid thermofoil for the kitchen cabinet market.

  • 1995: PMI begins producing Lazy Daisy lazy susans in the USA and broadens the product line. Lazy susans are offered in both polymer and wood and in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

  • 1998: The Thermofoil Warehouse Program is implemented and over 50 Benecke thermofoil designs are stocked in and shipped from PMI's North Carolina warehouse.

    The New Millennium

  • 2000: PMI starts hiring its own sales force, including four area sales managers across the U.S.

  • 2002: Adding to the growing product offering, PMI acquires a complete line of Connector and Furniture Hardware from Liberty Hardware (a Masco company). A Wood Components division is also established this year with an office in Shanghai, adding a global sourcing dimension to PMI's range of products.

  • 2003: Working with independent rep groups in the Midwest, Northeast, and Canada, PMI continues to grow its sales force.

  • 2004: To support the growth of its product offering, PMI institutes corporate Marketing and Purchasing departments and increases its warehouse space by more than a 1/3.

  • 2005: After identifying a need in the marketplace, PMI introduces a line of high-end Wood Lazy Susans with bent wood solid surrounds.

  • 2006/ 2007: The company further expands the Lazy Daisy line to include a High-End Waste storage system.

  • 2008: PMI is awarded another US patent on their Concealed Slide Waste Bin system. Fennel business is sold to outside investors as PMI exits the decorative hardware business.

  • June 1, 2009: Lazy Daisy product line, including all patents and tooling, is sold to Rev-A-Shelf so PMI can focus efforts on closet business.

  • 2009: Benecke-Kaliko thermofoil business is sold to Renolit.

  • November, 2009: PMI introduces Decorative Architectural Panels manufactured by HTS of Germany. Stylish, decorative panels offer creative solutions for furniture and room design.

  • December, 2009: Introduction of Pressed Birch Wood Dowels that expand to offer one of the strongest dowel joints available and 38% higher pull strength.

  • September, 2010: PMI introduces Cast Iron Table Bases into distribution and for restaurant and hospitality applications.

  • October, 2010: New products in Connectors and Furniture Hardware are added to the PMI line in representation of Indaux.

  • June, 2011: A new Non-Slip Mats program from AgoForm Germany is introduced to distributors and OEMs.

  • October, 2011: The Total Light System (patent pending) is developed and introduced to market.

In addition, PMI integrates more Table Base Styles and Finishes into their line, now offering high-end Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Chrome and additional Cast Iron items.

  • January 2012: PMI announced partnership and representation in the USA and Canada with Deurowood Produktions of Austria for additives used in paper impregnation.


PMI has found its niche as a leading manufacturer and importer of specialty products, allowing customers in the U.S. to benefit from the most modern overseas developments.� While remaining focused on core product offerings,��� PMI remains open to exploring new opportunities with innovative, quality products.

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